Vietnam Weasel Coffee process

Due to specific geography and weather condition, there are only 4 countries that can produce Weasel Coffee, and Vietnam is of them.

In terms of cherry selection, the civet is no doubt an instinctive connoiseur. Not only does it display its sophistication in natural habitat but also in farm.

It is well-known that civet just eats the most delicious cherries, but it’s still a mistery that among the same red ripe fruits it only picks a few for enjoyment and never touches the leftover again.

What’s more, the pick rate depends on the farm the cherries are harvested, about 25% at best.

Within 4 hours, the civet excretes the indigestible innards of the cherries after having been fermented with acids and enzymes in the animal’s digestive track.

Proper processing of the droppings is crucial: the moisture content should be lowered within 24 hours, while the drying shouldn’t be too fast to cut short the continuing fermentation.

Because civet always rejects the cherries with a strange odor or taste, its droppings are usually clean of insecticides and other harmful chemical.

The beans are dried and moved to storage.
Weasel Coffee green beans are harder than ordinary beans.
Weasel Coffee need to be roasted with care to preserve the unique flavors.

Finally, the legendary coffee is ready to serve.