We usually serve our coffee with a glass of water, sometime together with a notice that “This is not the water you know”.

And it’s not a tease.

It’s not unusual to every first Chon coffee drinker that that the very first sip doesn’t match his or her expectation. But after the next sip of fresh water chances are he or she would feel an exotic flavor and a subtle yet sticky sweet aftertaste.

But the water is no magic.

The superb flavor of Chon coffee is normally covered by normal coffee attributes and it needs water to be exposed in full strength.

Yet, the experience is so magical that one of our customers even said “This water is the most delicious I have ever known.”

Chon coffee aroma is characteristically rich with a clear hint of chocolate that goes from nuance in Arabica to obviousness in Robusta.

Its body is usually medium light due to the light roast. However, its fuller feel results from a higher caramelized sugar content in the brew.

Its acidity is typically clean and rich. However, it doesn’t taste sour because its acidity is often partly offset by a high level of sweetness.

Its bitterness typically results from caffeine – which only accounts for around 10% of the perceived bitterness in ordinary coffee.

Chon coffee’s aftertaste is typically sweet with such a long permanence that it doesn’t get lost even after a few sips of freshwater.

Its astringency isn’t masked by bitterness like in ordinary coffee, so it’s easy to be exposed if not Without a properly roasted.